CORTRAK Version 6.2
Release Date Soon
What's in this version :
aaThe ability to Archive request to reduce the size of the database and improve reporting performance.
aaReports on the Archived data.
aaA new Payment screen which allows paying up to 20 invoices at a time.
aaThe medical record number field has been increased to 14 characters.
aaInternal key fields (Cust_ID and Req_ID) have been increased to 10 characters.
aaCORTRAK runtime version 9.
aaVersion 18 of the report advanced preview and export component.
aaRequest Status change tracking is a option that may be disabled.
CORTRAK Version 6.1
Release Date January 2012
What's in this version :
aaThe ability to export reports to PDF (with password protection and encryption), Excel, images, Word, HTML and others.
aaSearch reports with links to the page(s) containing the found results.
aa Enforce a configurable limit of consecutive invalid access attempts by a user and protect against further, possibly malicious, user authentication attempts by placing a lock on the account until released by an administrator.
aaPrior to access to any PHI, a configurable warning (e.g. "This system should only be accessed by authorized users") is displayed on the login screen.
aaPassword Policy Enforcement (e.g. Password must contain at least a character, a numeric and a special character)
aa Enforce a configurable limit of consecutive invalid password attempts by a user and protect against further, possibly malicious, user authentication attempts by placing a lock on the account until released by an administrator.
aaThe Audit Trail report allows selection by user and date and the report will show the patient number and name.
aaThe Activity report allows selection by user and date.
aaA new "Copies Due" Date field has been added and a Copies Due Report.
aaA Disclosure method field (e.g. Sent via CD rom, or email) with reporting.
aaA Date Logged report - Uses the date the request was entered into the system, not the date of the request.
aaThe email system allows the use of the inhouse mail system (e.g. Outlook) or the CORTRAK Mail system.
aaThe Closed Report by Employee includes average number of days from the date logged.
aaThe ability to scan and attach the request letter and the chart to each request.
These Version are no longer Supported
Maintenance Update 4.2.6
Release Date July 2009
What's in this update:
aaRestricted Location Access by User. CORTRAK® with multi location support allows assigning a location to a user.
aaAdditional access security, the user account will be locked out after 3 unsuccessful login attempts.
aaUser accounts may be put in a locked out status by an administrator.
aaCorrection to the rate calculation routine.
Maintenance Update 4.2.5A
Release Date September 29, 2008
What's in this update:
aa Option to have the Frequent Requestor Company number generated by CORTRAK.
aa Option to have the Frequent Requestor company number right-justified and zero filled.
aa Added the Fax number to the Frequent Requestor table
aa Added an Email field to the Frequent Requestor table
aa The ability to Send Email from the Request Screen
aa Added fields for Date of Birth and Social Security Number. This is in addition to the two optional fields that are currently in the system.
aa Added a Requestor Name Table, allowing for multiple requestors from the same company
aaEnhanced Export with three Options - Standard, Advanced and Quickbooks
aa"Bill to" feature allowing billing to a party other than the requesting party.
aaOption to turn off the capitalization of the company name.
aaThe provider version allows the use of letters designed for the default location to be used for all locations.
aaThe provider version allows you to elect not to have a unique invoice number by location.
aaOption to disable the right justification and zero fill of the medical Record Number.
aaEnhanced Invoice reports allowing the selection of multiple requests types and the inclusion/exclusion of prebills and rejects.
aaFollow-up letters.  Use to send a pre-payment follow-up letter or any letter requiring additional follow-up.
aaProhibit Logins – Use while performing system maintenance to ensure no one logins while the maintenance is in progress.
aaPayment Type - Select from a list of pre-defined payment types, I.E. Check, Cash, Credit Card. Add as many payment types as you need.
Maintenance Update 4.2.4A
Release Date March 10, 2005
What's in this update:
Corrected a problem with Statements and the aging report when there were multiple companies with the same account number.
Maintenance Update 4.2.4
Release Date October 7, 2004
What's in this update:

Frequent Requestor Maintenance. Two new functions have been added to help manage the Frequent Requestor Master (Company).

1. Rebuild the Frequent Requestor Master – Use this to completely delete and rebuild the company master using the CORTRAK Request master.

2. Delete Inactive Requestors – Use this to remove requestors that have not had any activity

Search the company table using the first line of address

Notify during data entry of any terms that have been set for a Frequent Requestor.
Maintenance Update 4.2.3
Release Date February 16, 2004
What's in this update:
* BackupManager. The Backup Manager allows you to backup the entire system, the report definition files or the data files to another disk volume, a ZIP Drive or floppy disk.The files are compressed using the standard "ZIP" format. Zip files are "archives" used for distributing and storing files. The archive backup file will contain all the files from the selected directory.

* Restore Manager. The Restore Manager is used to restore files from a backup archive created with the Backup Manager The restore manager has two components, an integrated component accessible from the main menu and a stand alone component accessible from the desktop. The stand alone component must be used to restore the entire CORTRAK system. The Data and Report Definition files may be restored from the integrated component.

* New "Open Request" report. The name has been changed to "Request Turnaround". The report provides the average number of days a request is opened. A new sort has been added to allow sorting by date opened.
* Operational Snapshot. Provides a graphical snapshot of opened vs closed requests.
* The MPI Import function will now retain the defined import layout and import locations.
Maintenance Update 4.2.2 - Included in Version 4.2.3. Just download and install Version 4.2.3
Maintenance Update 4.2.1
Release Date May 23, 2003
What's in this update:
*  Hourly Billing
*  Minor bug fixes
Maintenance Update 4.2.0
Release Date April 2003
What's in this update:

*  HIPAA Alerts
*  HIPAA Regulations available in the Help system
 Disclosure component
 TPO Designator
 Suspension Designator
*  Color coded Tabs on the request screen
*  New format for data flow on the request screen 
 Alert window and notification in request & disclosure components
 Time and Date by Status of the request
*  TPO Report
 Suspension report
 Status processing time report
*  Duplicate Request Check

Maintenance Update 4.1.4
Release date 02/18/03
What's in this update:
  • Report Designer available for all reports
  • Fixed a problem in the statement program to allow for data that was migrated from version 3.5

Maintenance Update 4.1.3

You MUST read the "readme" file to complete the update.

Release date 01/09/03
What's in this update:
  • Added support for invoice amounts greater than $999.99
  • Added support for the following labels:
    1" x 4" Avery 5161 2 across
    1" x 2 5/8" Avery 5160 3 across
    3 1/3" x 4" Avery 5164 2 across
  • The new request "capitalize" function was missing the routine to "capitalize" names starting with "mac"
  • Maintain an invoice number by location
Maintenance Update 4.1.2
Release date 10/30/02
What's in this update:
  • An enhanced logon screen  indicating you are logging onto CORTRAKŪ
  • Validate the status code indicator when using the keyboard for entering the Status code
  • Show the page count on the request screen
  • Fixed the name field variable  in the Open Request detail report.
  • For the networks, an optional   automatic update of the workstation executable.
Maintenance Update 4.1.1
Release date 9/12/02
What's in this update:
  • A grid selection capability on the Disclosure report
  • A Option for a Summary page only on the Quality Assurance Report
  • When entering a new request or invoice, the view and print options are disabled until the information is saved.
  • Changed the MPI modify function to commit changes on modified fields only.
  • Minor changes to the export utility
  • In the "Send" module, changed the button  "OK" to "Create Transfer File
  • Timer was triggering and losing its database connection
Download the Update

Follow these steps to apply Version 6.2

1. Download the program.
2. Install the program.
3. Run the Update program to apply the changes

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You can find the serial number in "Help", "About CORTRAK"

Installation Instructions

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Important: You must install the program in a folder (directory) other than the folder where CORTRAK® is installed. After you have installed the program, you must run the program to apply the changes.


Version 6.1 runtime install. Use to install on new computers. You must use the ToolBox utility after the install to set the location of the DATA and REPORT directories.


Version 6.2 runtime install. Use to install on new computers. You must use the ToolBox utility after the install to set the location of the DATA and REPORT directories.