CORTRAK Plus Version 6.2
Release Date: September 2020
What's in this version :
aaThe ability to Archive request to reduce the size of the database and improve reporting performance.
aaDelete Archived data component
aaReports on the Archived data.
aaA new Payment screen which allows paying up to 20 invoices at a time.
aaThe medical record number field has been increased to 14 characters.
aaInternal key fields (Cust_ID and Req_ID) have been increased to 10 characters.
aaVersion 18 of the report advanced preview and export component.
aaRequest Status change tracking is a option that may be disabled.
CORTRAK Plus Update from Version 6.0 to Version 6.1
Release Date: November 2013
What's in this version :
aaAdds selected SQL Server Indexes. .
CORTRAK Plus Update from Version 5.1 to Version 6.1
aaThe ability to export reports to PDF (with password protection and encryption), Excel, images, Word, HTML and others.
aaSearch reports with links to the page(s) containing the found results.
aaPassword Policy Enforcement (e.g. Password must contain at least a character, a numeric and a special character)
aa Enforce a configurable limit of consecutive invalid password attempts by a user and protect against further, possibly malicious, user authentication attempts by placing a lock on the account until released by an administrator.
aaThe Audit Trail report allows selection by user and date and the report will show the patient number and name.
aaThe Activity report allows selection by user and date.
aaA new "Copies Due" Date field has been added and a Copies Due Report.
aaA Disclosure method field (e.g. Sent via CD rom, or email) with reporting.
aaA Date Logged report - Uses the date the request was entered into the system, not the date of the request.
aaThe email system allows the use of the inhouse mail system (e.g. Outlook) or the CORTRAK Mail system.
aaThe Closed Report by Employee includes average number of days from the date logged.
aaThe ability to scan and attach the request letter and the chart to each request.
Maintenance Update 5.1
Release Date March 2007
What's in this update:
aaNew option for the automatic generation of the company number (Frequent Requestor).
aaNew option for right justification and zero fill of the company number (Frequent Requestor)
aaPayment types may now be maintained using the Maintenance component (A new table was added to the SQL Server database)
aaA email field was added to the company table.
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Version 6.1 runtime install. Use to install on new computers. You must use the ToolBox utility after the install to set the location of the DATA and REPORT directories.


Version 6.2 install. Use to install on new computers. You must use the ToolBox utility after the install to connect to the SQL Server.